Express Checkout

Using the Express Checkout

First Screen

  • Begin by selecting a language or scanning your library card.

Second Screen

  • Scan your library card with the barcode facing up.

Third Screen

  • The screen will display your account information along with any fines that may be paid from the Express Checkout.
  • Press ‘Next’ to access the checkout screen.

Fourth Screen
  • Place up to four items on the express checkout table. (Recommended: Separate the 4 items into 2 stacks)
  • Press ‘Start’ to check out items.
Fifth Screen
  • When all items have turned green, the items are successfully checked out.
  • If you would like to see all items currently checked out on your account press ‘View All Items’.
  • Press ‘Continue’ to check out more items or press
    ‘Finish’ once all your item have been checked out.

Sixth Screen
  • If you checked out DVD’s or CD’s, you must place
    them back on the Express Checkout table.
  • Press ‘Start’ and wait until the green light next to
    the unlocker turns green.
  • Place DVD/CD into the unlocker face up and hold
    the item until it has been unlocked.
  • Press ‘Finish’ after all items have been unlocked
Seventh Screen
  • Press ‘Print Receipt’ to receive a print out of your checked out items and due dates.