How to Apply

Waiting List

The Waiting List for the Public Housing Program will be open August 22, 2019 at 9:00 am through August 24, 2018 at 6:00 pm.  Applications will only be accepted during that time.  The online application will be available at the following link: 

If you are currently on the waiting list, you may check on the status of your application at  

Selection of Applicants

Applicants come to the top of the waiting list according to the preference ranking, date, and time of their application. Grapevine residents or individuals who work in Grapevine are given a higher preference. All who fall within the estimated income limits set forth by HUD annually are eligible.

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you will be notified when a unit is available. At this time, your income, assets, criminal history, landlord, and personal references will be verified.

Who is Eligible?

Families whose total income does not exceed the income limits designated by HUD and who meet other eligibility criteria outlined in the Housing Authority’s Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy.


A family is defined by HUD as:
  • Two or more persons (with or without children) regularly living together, related by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship, or operation of law who will live together in Authority housing
  • Two or more persons, who are not so related, but are regularly living together, can verify shared income or resources who will live together in Authority housing

"Family" also includes:
  • Elderly family
  • Near elderly family
  • Disabled family
  • Displaced person
  • Single person
  • The remaining member of a tenant family
  • A foster care arrangement
  • A kinship care management

Other persons, including members temporarily absent (e.g., a child temporarily placed in foster care or a student temporarily away at college) may be considered a part of the applicant family’s household if they are living or will live regularly with the family. (24 CFR 5.403)